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Believe it or not, water tanks were NEVER designed to safely store fluid fertilizer and other liquid chemical products.
Fluid fertilizer and almost all of SLTEC®’s industrial range of products are heavier than water which places an additional load and strain on joints and tank structures. Rain water tanks can sag, split and burst at the seams leading to a loss of valuable product and serious environmental consequences.

The team at SLTEC® have a range of innovative fluid fertilizer & industrial chemical storage tanks, fittings and injection systems to suit your specific requirements.

Our 32,000 L Blue Storage Tanks have been manufactured and externally certified to meet Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water and Chemicals and to comply with the Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Non Flammable Hazardous Substances Code of Practice.

This tank holds up to 40T of fluid, a B Double worth, and have a unique sump drain system enabling complete drainage of the tank contents.

These tanks are the first fluid fertilizer and water treatment chemical tanks in Australia to meet these strict quality assurance protocols. A SLTEC® First!

SLTEC® Bulk Tank Storage & Handling Services include:

  • Tanks designed to safely store your liquid fertilizer products: 32,000 L
  • Larger industrial stainless steel tank storage options also available: 60,000 L, 80,000 L and 200,000 L
  • High quality fittings and fully bunded options available
  • Technical support & advice on injection pump technology and pipe manifold assembly
  • On site Chemical storage and on farm fertigation audits & assessments available. We can come out to conduct an audit of your specific requirements, then design a tank storage system to meet your specific requirements. Our team can offer bunding design plans as an additional fee for service to assist with Council Planning Submissions and Contractor Cement Quotations.
  • Complimented by a wide range of innovative Australian Made fluid fertilizer and water treatment products.