Environmental Analysis Systems (EAS) is a web based (PC or Tablet) software system that enables our client base to record and analyse environmental data from waste streams, air emissions and soil and water datasets over time for multiple monitoring locations. EAS enables a wide array of environmental monitoring variables to be recorded at multiple locations over time and reported in table and graphing formats. Interpretative threshold criteria for each variable can also set based on environmental licence limits, published data or other interpretative data sets. Multiple variables can be graphed together to show trending of analysis and production KPIs over time.

Trends can be monitored and reported over time with the ability to have reports and graphs custom designed to meet individual client reporting requirements by the SLTEC®. In addition, historical monitoring data sets can be uploaded to provide historical context.

Key Features

  • Australian and International soil, air, plant tissue and water (surface water, ground water, waste water etc) interpretative standards can be applied to your environmental datasets to aid in online data review.
  • Interactive computer software that can be used to monitor large data sets of historical and present day results from soil, air, water and plant tissue analysis
  • The development of soil fertility programs and sustainable environmental analyte management objectives from data collected and analysed.
  • A team of experienced Chemists, Horticulturists, Agronomists and Soil Scientists are available to service your individual needs, ensuring your monitoring and treatment program is an investment, not a cost.

Example Dataset from SLTEC®’s Environmental Analysis System (EAS)
Showing pH Levels in Waste Water versus Production Statistics